"I love the dynamics of a lemon tart but hate all the fuss –cream decorations and stubborn crusts. To get around all that nonsense, we purposefully crushed our tart. Of course, it isn’t just a one liner but a full flavored experience from the most fragile crust to the peaks of tart, sour, sweet, cured and candied lemon on the plate."


Candied lemon rind and pulp
Wild apple Mantovan style mostarda
candied  ginger                                        
lemon powder
lemon zabaione
lemongrass ice-cream
spiced pasta frolla

80g lemon juice
80g Amalfi limoncello
85g yolks
50g sugar

Lemongrass ice-cream
800g fresh whole milk
200g heavy cream
10 stems of lemongrass
120g sugar
50 di sugar syrup
Zest of 2 lemons

500g of flour
400g of butter
200g powdered sugar
70g egg yolks
20g ground spices: star anise, cinnamon, juniper, pepper, cardamom


Boil water and place a copper bowl on top. Turn off the heat when the bowl is heated.Beat the eggs and the sugar. Mount energetically leaving the bowl over the water. Add the lemon juice and gradually the limoncello. Keep beating until fluffy.

Lemongrass ice-cream
Mix all ingredients in a Thermomix and bring to 85° C at speed 7. When it reaches the correct temperature turn it off, filter the liquid and cool in a bowl over ice. Place in a pacojet and freeze.

Mix bits of cold butter and sugar with fingers. Add the eggs then the flour and knead thoroughly. Let sit for 2 hours on an appropriate size pie plate. Cook at 160° for 8 minutes. Place the crust on the plate. Add the ingredients as if making a mud pie. Then gently crush before serving.