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For approximately 1 kg (yes, one needs what it is necessary):

raw whole hazel nut 300g
raw whole almond 300g
caster sugar 400g
water             100 g
  • Thus I said to you, in a copper cauldron which has the advantage of conducting the heat perfectly, or, failing this, in a large cast iron casserole, carry to boiling water with sugar. When its temperature reached 118°C
Dans un chaudron en cuivre …..  (ne partez pas tout de suite, il y a un plan B)…
Donc vous disais-je, dans un chaudron en cuivre qui a l’avantage de parfaitement conduire la chaleur, ou, à défaut, dans une grande cocotte en fonte, portez à ébullition l’eau avec le sucre. Quand sa température atteint 118°C
- Do Ahhhhhh but how I see it?
- You buy a thermometer….  7,99€ at Ikea, does not thank me
Therefore, I start again… When the temperature reached 118°C, add whole hazel nuts and almonds. Carefully coat the dried fruits with this sugar syrup then make cook the whole during 20 minutes, without never ceasing
At the end of cooking, the dried fruits are quite brilliant and took pretty an auburn color (fair dark, as at BelleColor).
Pour them on an adhesive anti plate (or a hotplate covered with greaseproof paper) then spread out them in order to accelerate cooling. When the dried fruits are quite cold, mix them in a robot, while proceeding in three times,
Buon appetito!!!
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