Serves 4


Sesame mayo
3 egg yolk
10g yuzu
5g sugar
45g ponzu
300g sesame oil 

Ponzu foam
310ml water
88g ponzu
18g yuzu
10g sugar
5g lecite
4g squid ink 

1 fresh mackerel
10g ginger, grated
2g sea salt, crushed
3ml lemon juice
15g sesame mayo
Chopped chives 

Rose scent to serve
1l water
10ml rose essence 


Sesame mayo
Whisk egg yolks in Kitchen Aid, add sesame oil slowly to form mayonnaise, then add in rest of ingredients. 

Ponzu foam
Mix all ingredients, froth with a hand blender. 

Remove skin and cut into even dice. Gently mix in the rest of the ingredients. 

Rose scent to serve
Divide mackerel into 12 spoons. Top with the ponzu foam. Fill a thick metal bowl 1⁄3 with rose water. Drop in a couple of pellets of dried ice until the scent flows over the bowl. Place a grated cover on top, with spoon on top. Serve immediately.