Rene Redzepi Japan experiece

Rene Redzepi cuoco  a Copenaghen.
Quando l'ho incontrato sette anni fa sono rimasto colpito dal suo modo di essere semplice umanamente , mi sono affacciato alla cucina del suo ristorante di Copenaghen , un cuoco è uscito per conoscermi, ed sono potuto entrare nel suo mondo, facendomi vistare tutti gli spazzi della cucina assaggiando e spigandomi la sua filosofia, che giornata indimenticabile.

alcuni piatti della sua esperienza in Giappone che mi stupiscono in positivo lasciando perdere le critiche di quei piatti che non capisco come il Bontanebi...

NomaBuona visione e un grazie a ANA per le foto 

Unripe Strawberries + Sake Lees

noma japan 1 unripe strawberries

The meal began with a tiny bowl of a white strawberries and yuzu. Williams told us about a trip he and chef Redzepi took to the countryside — to meet a farmer known for cultivating the best red strawberries in the country and to make a strange request. But the farmer was not interested in selling them the under-ripe, non-colored fruit they wanted. Why would he, when he spent the last 40 years of his life perfecting the best red variety? But it was precisely the route to perfection that they wanted to capture. The meeting of passionate men lasted seven hours and included a bowl of miso soup. In the end, they were able to showcase the farmer's prized fruit in the beautiful but slightly unripe stage.

Citrus and Long Pepper

citrus peppers noma japan

A medley of citrus (did you know there's such a thing as "designer fruit" in Japan?) with pine salt and kelp-sesame oil. Looks were decieving. It had a real peppery kick.


doughnuts noma japan

A major crowd pleaser: a Danish doughnut stuffed with bitter greens and doused with a little fermented grasshopper. It was delicious

Tofu, Simply Steamed with Wild Walnuts

tofu noma japan

Wow. So this is tofu. What the hell have I been eating my whole life? A truly incredible homage, this one creamy and flavorful with a crunchy walnut topping for texture. A bowl of this, I am sure, can cure whatever ails you.

Hokkari Pumpkin, Cherry Wood Oil, and Salted Cherry Blossoms

noma japan pumpkin

What a dish. Thin slices of cooked pumpkin, salted cherry blossoms, a light barley cream. If springtime in Kyoto had its own flavor profile, this would be it.

Garlic Flower

noma japan garlic flower

Roasted black garlic, pulverized into origami submission, dotted with a rose-maitake oil. Basically: a savory fruit leather for grown-ups. I could snack on these all day long.


rice noma japan

As is custom in Japanese haute cuisine, rice was served at the end of the meal. But it appeared at the table as sweet rice paper and sake leaves.

Wild Cinnamon and Fermented Mushroom

noma japan mushroom

The final course: a nod to the moss-covered forests of Japan. Mushrooms were fermented, enrobed with chocolate, and flecked with salt. A little like Scandinavian licorice, the "candies"
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